Guns in Cars at Work; A New Bill in Arkansas

This gun bill is a long time coming. HB 1269.

(a) A public or private employer shall not prohibit any employee who is a licensee from possessing any legally owned handgun when the handgun is lawfully possessed and locked inside a private motor vehicle in a parking lot.

It also makes it illegal to discriminate against if you do, or do not have a concealed carry permit on if you’ll be hired, or force you to sign a contract forcing you to leave it at home. They also can’t prevent you from entering the parking lot if you have a gun out of sight. And if you use the gun to defend yourself, they can’t fire you. If you flash it, you’re out the door. Then they can fire you.

I’m for it. Surprise, surprise. And here’s why.

  1. Workplace violence happens. It’s rare but it does.
  2. The commute to work you have road rage, robbed at a store, assaulted at a store, and if the gun is at home…you’re woefully ill-prepared.
  3. The vehicle is yours, what’s in it is your business so long as you don’t force it on others.

What’s your thoughts?


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