Immediate Response to Active Shooters in School; Who Can Argue With That?

Bill Number HB1231 PDF
Act Number
Status House — Read the first time, rules suspended, read the second time and referred to the Committee on EDUCATION COMMITTEE- HOUSE

6-15-1303. Existing school employees as security personnel.
(a)(1) A school district board of directors may contract with an existing school employee for additional pay to provide security during school hours in addition to his or her other job duties.
(2) An employee performing duties under the additional contractual agreement under this section:
(A) May carry a firearm and a concealed handgun on school property;
(B) Shall complete a forty-hour training course at an accredited law enforcement training academy that trains the employee in:
(i) Fundamental use of firearms training including firearm safety drills, tactics, and required qualification on an approved course of fire;
(ii) Active shooter training;
(iii) Active shooter simulation scenarios;
(iv) Trauma care; and
(v) Defensive tactics;
(C) Shall complete annually an eight-hour training course at any accredited law enforcement training academy to include:
(i) On-site tactical drills;
(ii) School safety drills; and
(iii) Firearms qualification on an approved course of fire;
(D) Shall be licensed to carry a concealed handgun as required by § 5-73-301 et seq.;
(E) Shall successfully pass a medical physical examination; and
(F) Shall renew annually the contract to provide security under this section.
(b) A contract under this section shall be voided if the person contracted to provide security under this section is convicted of:
(1) A felony; or
(2) A misdemeanor involving violence.

This. I love this. Taking interested employees and making sure they’re as well trained as any cop or EMT. They’re already at the school and will arrive before the cops. What are your thoughts on this? I like it much better than putting a cop in every school. For one, greater numbers than a solitary cop. Second, the immediate response time of someone right there in class already. Here’s a link to campus assaults that I posted before here and another here

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