The Depth of Simplicity

English: Martial arts training session Dansk: ...

English: Martial arts training session Dansk: Kamptræning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a martial arts class I’m taking, a drill we warm up with is deceptively simple. Its four moves that encompass the microcosm of a fight. Parry, Block, Immobilize, Attack. Like an onion, another layer is exposed with time and attributes are built.

With the parry, you build the reflex to redirect the attack, yet also the timing to hit it at the right time. In addition, because you are in range to be tapped by the attack, you have the incentive and adrenaline kick. This is good since my reflexes are sad, so very sad.

The block is an offensive block that is an attack if needed. It teaches bridging the gap, rotation to redirect and the use of body mechanics instead of just brute force.

The immobilization teaches you that moving away from the line of force and removing half the opponent’s ability to hurt you. Moreover, it is possible to take someone’s balance with that simple push. That frees up the offensive block to continue the line of force and attack. Flowing from one move to the next as your opponent provides openings.

That is just from standing in one spot, let alone moving.

Examine the simple; it is usually the result of deadweight removed and the gem inside shining. It just takes a curious mind to see it.

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