When The Nuts Run The Asylum and You Voted For Them

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You ever hear someone say Congress and the President are  nuts? There may be more truth to the statement than you’re going to be comfortable with. In fact, most of them are psychopaths.

A bold statement I know. I found this link How To Spot a Psychopath and just about every politician I’ve seen have these psychopathic traits. Let’s take a look…

  • Look for glibness and superficiality in interpersonal relations. Psychopaths can be charming and appear to be likable. They often have good verbal skills; they can be entertaining, funny and witty. They tend to use these skills to make themselves look good and to manipulate others to their own advantage.

Campaign season anyone?

  • Look for egocentric and grandiose behavior. Psychopaths are extremely self-centered and may greatly overestimate their importance and sometimes their abilities. This narcissism and exaggerated sense of self-worth appears to contribute to their tendency to live by their own rules and to ignore commonly accepted concepts of right and wrong.

Using pork barrel spending to build monuments to their “legacies”. Using the nation’s military as the world’s cop. Taxes is fine, but theft is wrong. Murder is illegal but bombing innocents in another country is collateral damage.

Ring a bell?

  • Look for signs of an inability to feel remorse or guilt. Lacking a conscience, a psychopath cannot “feel bad” after hurting someone. He cannot relate to your pain but may rationalize his actions or make excuses for it if he has to. A psychopath might just as easily deny an action or dismiss it as unimportant no matter how much trouble it has caused others.

See above, and also think about this. What terms are thrown around a lot?

“Fair share” “Social Contract” “For the (insert group)”

  • Look for lack of empathy. A psychopath cannot relate to the feelings of other people. Others’ suffering, hardship, despair, or pain does not elicit sympathy. In place of empathy is a cold indifference to the feelings and suffering of others. The intense interest a psychopath has for herself is never extended to others.
  • Look for signs of deceitfulness and manipulative behavior. There is no reason for a psychopath not to lie and they do whenever they think it will help them. In fact, Hare reports that they often seem to lie with pride. If a lie is uncovered, the psychopath will simply change his story or lie more in an attempt get away with the original deceit.

Have you ever seen Congress in action? The words, and actions combined. A politician’s records, rhetoric, etc?

  • Look for shallow emotions. Just as they lack consciences, psychopaths lack deep and true feelings. They may fake superficial feelings to manipulate others but they can’t relate to them on an emotional level. Unable to experience the depth of emotion most people feel, psychopaths can appear cold, like a predator surveying its surroundings looking for prey.

Looking at this criteria, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that my local politicians aren’t psychopaths.

Are yours?

5 thoughts on “When The Nuts Run The Asylum and You Voted For Them

  1. I couldn’t decide if I should “like” this …
    I like it but then it is a sad state affairs isn’t ?
    one of those catch 22 things…
    it speaks of truth, but then the truth of the matter is not something to like…
    oh well..this is a good post….
    Hope you had a wonderful New Year and I wish you and yours the best of what s yet to be in 2012…
    Take Care..


      • the words calculating and manipulating comes to mind
        but then weathermen and politicians are the professions that are paid to lie….
        somebody keeps putting them back up there ….hmmm
        makes you wonder about who….
        now I will go to work so I can give obama and his pass the wealth to others a hand..though I don’t think my salary would be considered wealth ….
        Have a great day


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