Six Weeks of CST; Am I Weaker?

English: Arthur Saxon performing a bent press....

English: Arthur Saxon performing a bent press. Français : Arthur Saxon effectuant un dévissé à un bras (bent press). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Circular Strength Training felt good and Foam Rolling is uncomfortable…till your done. One day I want to play with clubbells. Ahh. However my goal has changed for now, instead of general preparedness I’m going for fighting form. And I’m really looking forward to picking up my kettlebells again.

I’ll pick up the Program Minimum of Pavel’s. 5 minutes of Turkish Get-Ups and 12 minutes of Swings. Except I’m using Steve Baccari, RKC’s program variation here. Working up to 15 minutes of straight swings, until then, the times I can’t I can jump rope or jog for active recovery. Man Makers from ETK.

Then for Strength I’m going to stagger the bell’s for TGU’s and work up to my heaviest. Instead of 5 minutes I’ll go for 5 reps. 1×1 the Crush Curls with that bell as a superset.

It’s not a hour to 40 minute haul but closer to the CST in time. My thoughts on the CST, after a week of that I noticed I move fairly well from it. And I was worried my raw power, the one-rep max on my Press, would fall.

It didn’t. I tested it. 5 reps with the 53lb = 60lbs. No change. 4 on the right = 58lbs. I can live with that. I’ll keep that program in my back pocket for the next plateau. Time for the numbers!

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14.25                           14.35                +.10

Shoulders                45.40                            43.25             -2.15

Chest                           38.75                           38.75               0

Waist                           32.75                            32.25              -.50

Biceps                         12.50                            12.25              -.25

Forearms                 10.85                         10.85                  0

Thighs                       21.40                        21.25                  -.15

Calves                           13.8                         13.5                  -.30

Weight                          153.2 lbs                150.2              -3 lbs

Body Fat %                  15.7%                     14.4%             -1.3%

Lean Body Mass        129.20 lbs          128.50            -0.7 lbs

Lost some size, or stayed the same. Was eating to maintain and keeping the carbs at fat-burning levels, averaging 75 grams. Body fat is going back where I want it. Strength stayed the same. Mission accomplished.

Now that the training will pick up, I’ll up the protein and maybe the carbs. Definitely on the Swing Days. I’ll burn through a lot of glucose. We’ll see  if my measurements go up, but the fat will drop more. It won’t have a choice.

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