Human Predators

English: A South China Tiger with kill.

English: A South China Tiger with kill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just finished an interesting article here, on the mindset of the predator. To a predatory human you are just the means to an end. Their actions are not seen as personal because your life as no meaning to them.

It then moved on to the often given advice of, “give them what they want” and said that’s good advice if it presents an opportunity to turn the tables. To back it up, the author gave an example of a guy who robbed a place, the clerk doing everything she was told and then subsequently was shot. When asked why, the killer said, “it’s because I could; why leave a witness.”

Also noted that the favorite tactic of the predator is deception, such as hurt, needing help or just conversation. I’ve almost always realized this, keeping a code orange awareness on any ‘chance’ encounter with a stranger. The trip to Atlanta was quite the training exercise in awareness, planning and how to deal with situations like that.

It ended with “don’t take it personal, just act decisively.” Sorta reminds me of the maxim, ‘he who hesitates, loses.’

Do you have a plan?

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