The Final Argument on Gun Control (I Wish)

So a sportscaster got on his soapbox about guns the other day, so I’m going to get on mine.

I love analogies, taking the principles of a situation and applying them to another situation. I’m going to use some here.

  • “Banning guns because someone shot another guy.”

20121205-080355.jpgLets ban cars because some asshole ran over his estranged wife or a drunk wrecked and killed a family.

  • “Stronger background checks! Gun show ‘loophole’.”

While we’re at it, lets run criminal background checks on anyone buying a car to see if they’ve ever driven while impaired. Even if its just you selling the family car.
It’s a freedom principle.

  • We’ll I don’t want to ban all guns, just assault weapons, after all Who needs a semiauto with a 30 round magazine?”

Who needs a car that goes faster than 60 mph?20121205-081412.jpg

Here’s the thing, I have the right to defend myself with whatever I can get my hands on. The Second Amendment recognizes that (not gives) and says “keep and bear arms”.

20121205-080426.jpgThat’s Armament. Weapons. Not firearms, but arms. Firearms fit under that designation as well as knives, swords, nun-chucks, even a lightsaber if one’s invented.

If you have a problem with this, then don’t defend yourself. Die like sheep, carried to hell on your air of self-righteousness, and ask yourself how well that served you.





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