Secession Is In The Air

Secession is in the air. But do people really mean it? Or are they venting?

I looked at the Arkansas petition and it’s grassroots. Which means its going nowhere, and it’s also signed by people from out of state as well. Howls author Nekidgoat wonders if it’s a ploy to get dissidents to identify themselves. Another blogger, George Hill, warns here that it could backfire.

But what about the fun little thing of just “Sending a Message” to Washington DC?
Ever heard of the No Fly List?
Now take a look at the ATF Form 4473.  One of the questions is regarding Renouncing of Citizenship.  It would be very easy for the ATF to get these Petitions and use them to create a NO BUY List.  Use sign that Petition and all the sudden you find one day that you are on a NO BUY List.  You can’t get your name off that list, you can’t even check if you are on it to begin with… no one can see that list.  But your State’s BCI will have it and when you run a Gun Check… Bang.  There it is.  You can’t buy a gun because you are on The List.  Sorry, nothing you can do about it.  Just like when you try to Fly… Sorry, I know you already purchased that ticket and it’s not refundable… but you can’t get on the plane.  Sorry, Policy.   And at that point, there is nothing you can say or do that will get you on that plane.   Or in the case of trying to buy that gun, nothing you say or do will allow the Dealer to be able to sell you that gun if BCI says no.
You know why this is Possible?  Because I’d do it if I was an asshole like everyone in the Obama Administration.
If I wanted to effect Gun Control on those people who want FREEDOM and disrupt the Gun Industry as much as possible… I’d make that No Buy List.  And those people have all already Signed Up for it.

And The Libertarian Republic asks if it’s time to secede and gives an alternative here. Nullification. Tom Woods wrote a book on it, which I need to read, on States growing their balls back and telling the schoolyard bully to go fuck himself. In kinder terms. The Republic post goes over secession, nullification and how to do it. I suggest reading it all. I’ll leave you with the ending of it.


Tools such as jury nullification, the Tenth Amendment and our committees of correspondence are our modern weapons to fight tyranny without needless bloodshed, or the loss of our country as a whole. The time now is to fight and work together and to use these tools. It is not time to leave. We must stand and fight. We must proceed boldly against evil.

However, if things change for the worse and we are denied the right of redress of grievances…

I reserve the right to secede.

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