Time For A Change In Tactics In The War of Ideas

I learned a lesson last Tuesday. On a national scale, pushing back big government and statism is like a minnow swimming up a open dam gate. You’ll be washed downstream.

So what to do? I’m disheartened that Obama won reelection. Even though Romney is a statist I figured America was smarter than giving the incumbent another term.

I was wrong. Gary Johnson, a candidate who supports right and left views but leaves it for the individual to decide, not the government set a record of between 1% and 2%. 

Depressing and demanding of a change in tactics. Ground up. So I’m changing focus, instead of trying to stick a needle in the government leviathan, I’ll stay closer to home. Locally, no bigger than state level. It effects me quicker, and I can make a difference. Where my needle prick is felt.

Like a small fire, I’ll try to spread Libertarianism in Arkansas. Now if people across the 50 states do the same with activism, electing Libertarian candidates, and make a difference; then it’ll grow. And the two party power struggle will take notice and pander. Just know, it’ll be talk only. Just push them out of the way by winning over voters by actually standing by and articulating principles. The  closest thing to a Libertarian state is New Hampshire due to the Free State Project. Though strategically picked, its an example to follow.

Then, with a majority of ‘free’ states, we can make a national difference. So, you gonna bitch, or do something about it?

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