The Presidential Election, What It Means and Libertarians

First Off. Let’s break down the state of the country. Before Election Day, we had a GOP House Majority, Democrat Senate, and a Democrat President.

That didn’t change. Status quo was preserved.

But Obama can load the Supreme Court!

I’ll get to that later. Secondly, before you blame Gary Johnson and the Libertarians, consider this.

  • They’re are more 3rd Parties than just us. In fact 28 other people ran!  Roseanne Barr did well in Florida, she got 48,776 votes overall.
  • Romney never had my vote, it wasn’t stolen. I’m not a lemming who moves with the tide off a cliff. After a reasoned decision I may move in the same direction. But I am a sovereign individual, no one is entitled to anything of mine, including my vote.
  • The fault lies with Republicans, you guys seriously have to pick better candidates than McCain, and Romney. They’re Obama Lite, zero calories. People are told to vote their conscience, and you’re surprised that they don’t vote for a lesser evil because it’s still evil?

Back to the Supreme Court issue, which ties into unjust laws. Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t make it right. Resist. As I wrote in Growls your rights aren’t being taken, you’re giving them away when you obey. Take that as you will.

Congrats America, you voted back in a murderer (drone strikes), thief (taxes), peeping tom (drones, PatriotAct), who has the power to toss you in jail indefinitely (NDAA). You deserve your chains. You don’t have my pity, like an addict America has proven it has to hit rockbottom to either get better, or die. You brought it on yourselves.

Getting of my soapbox now. Alright, how did Gary Johnson do last night? In Arkansas he got 2%, we need 3%. That’s  15,086 with 95% reporting. I was one of those votes. My conscience is clear. Nationwide he got 1,145,778 votes or 1%. Link is here

Now let’s see how my votes and friends did in Arkansas. Link is here

Ballot Issues

Sales Tax for Highways: Issue 1 passed with 58% or 584,738 votes. I was robbed by majority.

Local Development Bonds: Issue 2 failed with 57% against or 544,993 votes. I’m happy.

Medical Marijuana: Issue 5 failed with 51% against or 525,632 votes. Much tighter  than I expected.

Around Home

John Staley (R) won Lonoke County Sheriff. I’m happy.

House of Representatives

Jessica Paxton (LP) got 3% or 6,364 in the House District 1.

Chris Hayes (LP) got 2% or 6,688 in District 2.

David Pangrac (LP) got 8% or 18,773 in District 3. As an aside Green Party candidate Rebekah Green got 16%. This is with 83% reporting.

Bobby Tullis (LP) got 2% or 4,823 in District 4.

State Senate

Frank Gilbert (LP) got 3% or 1,001 in District 13.

David Dinwiddie (LP) got 17% (wow) or 3,969 in District 25.

Glen Schwarz (LP) got 14% (wow) or 3,912 in District 31. He also ran for City Director in Little Rock and got 13.74% or 8,900 votes.

State House of Representatives

Debrah Standiford (LP) got 3% or 393 votes in District 38.

Rodger Paxton (LP) got 21% (wow) or 1,730 votes in District 51.

Saline County Judge

Gordon Hall (LP) got 18.94% or 7,694 votes.

Justice of the Peace

Crystal Pangrac (LP) got 7.1% or 103 v0tes in Crawford County.

Brian Leach (LP) got 21.71% or 926 votes in Sebastian County.


Libertarians ran but I don’t see their results.

Before you laugh at the numbers, I wish I could convince my ideas in Growls Of A Wolf were worth checking out. They earned it. And remember, “It takes a single voice to start a revolution.” Thorin

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