Time For A New Program: Six Week Self-Assessment

Well it finally happened. Almost a year and I hit a wall. For two weeks I didn’t have the energy for the Heavy or Medium Days. And worse, I just didn’t want to do the Rite of Passage. I had to force it.

So I contacted my friend Brad, my RKC trainer. So I went to his gym Life Warrior Fitness and he diagnosed my movements for a new program. This one is a lot less kettlebells. Only one day can I press, just to keep the movement fresh.

Its an interesting system, foam rolling, Primal Move mobility, Power Chamber and Circular Strength Training/TacFit. So what is it?

Power Chamber: You can check that out here. It’s supposed to help brace my core. Isometrically I believe.

Circular Strength Training: 

  1. Lunge (video)
  2. Sit Through Reach (video) Leg extending
  3. Tripod (video)
  4. Base Switch (video) :45 second mark
  5. Leg Lift Spinal Rock
  6. Reverse V-Up: same movement as on your back but from the Plank position.

I do this :30sec a move, back to back in a 3 minute circuit for 3 rounds. A minute of rest between rounds. I’ll deduct :1o seconds from the rest as I progress. I’ll start in earnest today with this program.

So what did the 53lb do, and what does the CST program have to work with?

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14.3                              14.25                -.05

Shoulders                44.25                            45.40             +1.15

Chest                           37.5                             38.75               +1.25

Waist                           32                                  32.75               +.75

Biceps                         12.25                            12.50               +.25

Forearms                 10.87                         10.85                  -.02

Thighs                       20.87                        21.40                  +.53

Calves                           13.5                         13.8                  +.30

Weight                          150.4lbs                153.2              +2.8lbs

Body Fat %                  13.5%                     15.7%             +2.2%

Lean Body Mass        129.40lbs          129.20            -0.2lbs

Some size gain, lean body mass decrease. Not happy with the close to 16% body fat. Time to microscope what I eat. Drop calories and watch the carbs.

I’ll do this for awhile and then it’s right back to the kettlebells.

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