Arkansas Ballot Issue One: Higher Highway Taxes

Yesterday I covered Issue 5, the Medical Marijuana ballot issue. Today it’s the Highway Tax. It’s a ballot issue to “temporarily” raise taxes by a half-percent. I say temporary because people get used to it, and renew it.

Here is the full .pdf from the Secretary of the State’s website here

At this website you can see our gas taxes and how they compare to others around us here

At Talk Business Teresa Oelke from AFP Arkansas and Madison Murphy from the Arkansas Highway Commission have a dueling op-ed on it. You can read that here

Recently Arkansas got a online checkbook where you can track your money (taxes) so this link should take you to the Highway Dept page here if not, the home page is here

As you can see the Highway Dept. has over 454 Million dollars as of October 29, 2012. I doubt we need to pay more for gas and more government efficiency  And why am I paying for roads I don’t drive on?

I’m voting NO raising my  taxes with Issue One.



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