A Look Inside

One thing I like about deer hunting, or hunting in general, is the peace and quiet. I’m in the mountains so most of the time I have no cell phone signal to distract me, and I’m easily distracted at times. But I’ll get to that.

Usually in the woods my thoughts turn to the world around me, and a lot of what I write comes from that. This time they turned inward. And scorched the earth of my state of mind and physical well-being.

Starting within I explored my recent lack of focus and irritability. Fortunately I’m a decent expert at organization and having a half dozen plans, so everything didn’t run off the rails. In the woods I got that focus back. The pursuit of game does that or you don’t see anything.

As to the irritability, some things I just have to let go, as long as they’re not a physical detriment to me or my wife and our lives.

Now for those that know me well, my physical well-being doesn’t mean I’m sick. I’m just not running at optimum anymore. I reflected on that. One culprit I believe is sleep quality. I get the hours, just not the rest. So following the pattern on my Sleep Cycle app I can see the variables on my sleep. Weekends are usually best. Less caffeine generally, so I cut myself off at 7 the last few nights. Improvement.

It may be the culprit to my low energy as well. Not day to day but when I train. I was progressing nicely with the 53lb kettlebell but I stalled out twice last week. So I backed up this week. The cause could be sleep. Testing that theory now, or maybe my CNS is stressed out, or I’ve plateaued. And my movement is rough. Not happy with that, but I know how to fix it.

Now that my focus is back, it’s time to check the irons in the fire…


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