Fed Up and Taking A Stand! Join Me?


The Libertarian Party is trying to double its numbers and I’ve joined them. I hardly join anything and not before thorough research. Even read the Bylaws.

Now they’re making a concerted push to get more members. An individualistic bunch, which is why I like them, it’s hard to get them out advocating. Where I view those with the Wolf Mentality as an endangered species, the Libertarians are a threatened one. I want to change that, but my way, convincing, not coercion through fear. I wrote a personalized message and recorded a video and pledged to get 25 people for the LP. On a mission now. The page includes a few videos explaining things such as what they stand for, etc.

The link to my personal Double The LP page is here

The Libertarian Party page is here

Not sure where you stand, take this quiz here

If you score Libertarian join us, or donate. If not, then stand on your principles, I’ll respect you for it. Just be active, please. As long as the LP stands on their principles I’ll stand with them. The minute they don’t, I’m gone. I do whatever I ask of others.




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