What Would You Do If Your Kid Wanted to Enlist?

Doing research for the new book last night, I got to a section on who has the ability to declare war. And it reminded me of a question my wife asked earlier yesterday.

“What would you do if one of our kids wanted to join the military?”

Myself, I would question them extensively.

  1. “Why do you want to join?”
  2. “Do you see how the military is currently being used?”
  3. “Will you stand by the Oath you’ll take to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic?”

Lets take these one at a time. Why join?

‘Fighting for freedom’? We are less free now than before 9/11. Patriot Act‘s library record raids, warrant less wiretapping, FISA warrants you never get to see (how do you know it wasn’t written after the fact), being indefinitely detained by NDAA and molested by the TSA.

You’re not fighting for our freedom, that’s a bad joke.

For the perks, like the military paying for your school and sign up bonuses, etc.? To get out of the town you grew up in? At least that’s an honest answer I can’t shoot down.

How’s the military being used?

It was meant to defend the country, like when Pancho Villa attacked a town in Texas, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. 9/11.

That’s what it’s for. But  lately it’s not used for that.

Lets just go back 20 years. Desert Storm? To protect Kuwaiti Oilfields aka money. And under Clinton who sent the military out 44 times in his 8 years in office, as “peacekeepers”. Troops went to the Balkans, Somalia (Blackhawk Down), Rwanda, Macedonia, Ecuador, East Timor, Kuwait, Liberia, Albania, Congo, Gabon, Sierra Leone, and Sudan.

Under Bush going after the American trained Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which turned into Nation building. Iraq, which has nothing to do with us, more nation building and getting rid of a former friend. Threatening Iran, who had years ago ran out the American installed Shah of Iran.

Under Obama, Libya, Yemen, still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe Turkey soon. The Congo. Some details here

So if you want to be the world’s cop and used for corporate gain and lining politicians coffers, go for it. Just realize Iraq and Afghanistan is covered with contractors making lots of green off the blood of soldiers. The only legitimate  reason, and still illegal since war wasn’t declared by Congress, was getting Osama. Not building Afghanistan. They do provide food and support to nations around the world, though I’ve argued against foreign aid before. Still not the intent meant for them.

And lastly, will you stand by your word to defend the Constitution from enemies overseas and here?

Have you even read it? And if you have do you realize the government that gives you your orders has violated the document you swore to defend multiple times? If you don’t do anything that makes you a liar. You broke your word. How do you live with that? Do you have the integrity to stand by it?

And if you haven’t read it, and understand it, and take the oath, you’re nothing more than a mercenary working for a check. Not a patriot. How can you defend something you don’t understand?

In today’s current state I would advise against my kids going into the military and if they choose to do so I will make sure they understand what they’re getting into and the ramifications of that decision. Everyone should ask themselves these questions before joining.

4 thoughts on “What Would You Do If Your Kid Wanted to Enlist?

  1. Well I would say I’d have to let him make his own decision. I know this isn’t the point to the question and yes the military is misused. But that’s something that can’t just be told, it’s something you have to learn to see. Yes in my eyes it would be a mistake, but children have to learn from their mistakes, it’s how they grow.


  2. Neither one of my step-kids could answer any of your questions & it breaks my heart. My step-son joined the Navy because he was chasing a girl & she convinced him they’d be set for life if he joined. You should’ve seen how devastated the kid was when he came back from the recruiter’s office without the $10,000 sign up bonus he was promised…he thought he’d walk into the office, sign up…and walk out with a pocket full o’ cash. Someone THAT naive knows nothing of corporate use of our forces, the Constitution or that wars are no longer legally declared.

    My step-daughter followed her brother a few months later when her life was falling apart. She couldn’t get a steady job, she’d just had a kid…and hey, it seemed to be working out great for little brother who has been hanging out on the beach in Monterrey and Hawaii…and off she went.

    They both now believe they are part of this “Global Force for Good” & neither one has a clue what they may be in for when we do start bombing the last of the countries in the Mideast. “Sailors don’t ever get hurt in action” says my step-daughter.
    She was an honor student, I know she aced history…
    “sailors don’t get hurt”???
    Maybe she was sick the days they covered WWI & II?

    Both kids are pawns. Both think they’ve set up their lives for no headaches or worries. Both now feel they belong to some noble cause…



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