You Can’t Half-Ass Freedom

I often write about freedom and stare at wonder at people rolling over and giving their freedoms away. I didn’t understand it. Now I think I understand. They do want freedom.

As I see freedom it comes balanced with responsibility, since if you want freedom to do whatever, you have to be accountable for every action that effects another and yourself. However, a lot of people don’t want to be.

They want to be free of responsibility, of decision-making. People want to be taken care of and they’re willing to give up their freedoms and ours. Look at all the social programs. The ‘security measures’. Gun laws, TSA, Security and police. Even monitoring speech in case someone is thinking about something, so restricting certain types of speech, or groups. Labeling them Hate Groups with Hate Speech. Or Radicals, potential terrorists, etc.

They want to be free of being offended. Americans are a thin-skinned bunch scared of things they disagree with, or their own decisions, while complaining to the government yet supporting the same things they complain about if you dig deeper.

Now if they choose to live a life in velvet chains it’s fine with me, my problem is they want me to live under their decisions. And that’s a problem. Because if you want someone to take care of you, you are not free. They have your very life in their hands.

When someone say’s they want freedom, ask them to define it.

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