Politics Of Fear

Your politics of Fear,
only cause me to cheer.
A vote against the status quo,
my unpatriotism is shown?

The GOP want lower fees,
and a life lived free.
The Democrats claim equality,
and a utopian tranquility.

My vote for the other guy,
causes their eyes to grow wide.
You’re going to ruin the nation,
such a vote is treason.

A vote not cast for Romney,
may a pox be cast on your family.
Obama will ruin it all,
and the country will fall!

“Look into my eyes,” I say,
“For your choices you must pay.”
“Your status quo,
has nothing to show.”

“It’s all a lie,
for its your freedoms they despise.”
“Every bipartisan law,
beats your Rights until they’re bloody and raw.”

“You’re nothing but an enabler,
as the two parties disable,
a once great nation,
now a land of desolation.”

“Don’t blame me and think I should be ashamed,
should Obama win again.”
“Look in the mirror and ask yourself,
in my comfort was I too selfish?”

“Voting for my benefit,
while avoiding the country’s need of a tourniquet?”
“The steady bleed out of liberty,
in exchange for your physical and monetary security.”

“To that I say your refusal to remove the knife,
with all the cuts it sliced,
the only difference is the veins targeted,
by the Republicrat‘s hands who wielded it.”

“It wasn’t I who let the country die,
bled out on the floor it lie.”
“I tried to take the knife,
but you handed them another with your life.”


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