The Foundation Of A Party: Securing and Maintaining Freedom

Libertarian Party Logo

We’ve reached the end of the Libertarian Platform. Now how do they plan to follow through on everything they’ve listed so far in the platform?

First they lay out the reason the government exists, the protection of individual rights and the need to keep it small so it doesn’t infringe itself. And the Non-Aggression Principle, the non-initiation of force guides its behavior with other governments. Boy we’re a long way from that principle on a national scale.

So how does using this principle apply to National Defense? To the Libertarian the word defense means just that. Attack us and pay the price. Same as a individual with a concealed carry permit. As long as you don’t harm him, or try to, you have nothing to worry about. And the Libertarians take Thomas Jefferson’s advice of ‘entangling alliances with none’. ‘ And no draft. That’s just slavery.

Internal Security and Individual Rights? While they recognize the need for intelligence to detect threats it doesn’t take precedent over your civil liberties. The Founding Documents are a full time guide and limiter to the government. And the alphabet agencies will be subject to oversight and transparency.

National Security Information Systems

National Security Information Systems (Photo credit: Argonne National Laboratory)

Internal Affairs? Simple. Mind our own business, while stressing that while we’re peaceful, we’re not pacifists. Any military or monetary aid will be stopped.

Free Trade and Migration? Things like NAFTA go away. Governors no longer announce trade deals. I want to sell my books in Mexico, nothing stops me. People living in another country don’t have miles of red tape and exorbitant fees to cut through to live here. Though some security is necessary for entry of foreign nationals who pose a threat.

Rights and Discrimination? You have them just by being alive, and anything that requires you to fulfill another’s life, isn’t a right. Bigotry is irrational and government should neither deny or abridge any individual’s right based on their lives or choices. Parents have the rights to raise their kids to their own standards or beliefs barring child abuse or neglect.

Representative Government? Political parties will be allowed to establish their own rules. They’re voluntary after all. No federal funding for candidates and all laws limiting financing will be lifted. They oppose laws that exclude alternative candidates and parties, deny ballot access, gerrymander districts for political advantage or deny voters their right to consider alternatives. They’re advocates for initiatives, referendums, recalls and repeal she used as popular checks on government. Power to the people, boot them out if they fail.

Self-Determination. The platform pretty much paraphrases the Declaration of Independence’s preamble.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

And they close with their silence doesn’t signal approval on various issues.

Now, what do I think of the Libertarian Party Platform? It was like I wrote it myself.  For the last three years I’ve been writing my views have evolved to these principles that is the foundation of my writing on here and in Growls Of A Wolf

The funny thing is, I never knew exactly what the Party stood for until I read this a few days back. So you can say the Libertarians think like I do. Mostly. But the principles are the same. Enough so, that as long as they practice what they preach I’ll maintain the membership I just purchased with the  Libertarian Party. Especially since I’m tired of the GOP’s lies and statist crap. Rewriting the rules at the last minute at the convention. Yeah, manipulative. They’re beyond saving.




2 thoughts on “The Foundation Of A Party: Securing and Maintaining Freedom

  1. The more I read up on & learn about the Libertarian party, the more I like. Thanks for the summaries you’ve done. I remember being so proud to register Republican when I turned 18…now I can’t shower enough to wash away the muck of their bullshit.


    • I voted and registered Republican as well. Voted for Sarah Palin, and the “Tea Party” Republicans in my state.

      And then I watched…and the true colors were starting to show. And then the Primary press conferences laughingly called debates. How the focus was on the flavor of the week.

      Around that time I started digging into records for the candidates and writing about them. That’s how I picked Gary, back when he was a registered Republican.

      And then what the RNC pulled with the Paul delegates, even though he didn’t have a chance, and the rewriting of the rules. I was done. Grand Old Party indeed.

      Ron Paul tried and led a valiant effort to change it from within, but that party is a lost cause. Praising grass roots but lead from the top down.

      I didn’t even intend to join the LP until I read that platform. And damn this is long winded.


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