Checking Out The Libertarian Party

Sunday found me at War Memorial Park for the Libertarian Party Picnic.

There the candidates met up with supporters and the curious. I used it as an opportunity to get out of my shell, meet up with somewhat like-minded individuals. Also the candidates present gave speeches, with the longest being…8 minutes. If only the Democrats and GOP were so quiet. I recorded it and put them on YouTube. The Playlist is here

Took awhile for me to start approaching people, and did talk to one guy about the book and give him my card. We were talking about spelling after I found a misspelled word on the Nolan Chart display. Told him about the writing process and the inevitable typos, showed him the book.

Didn’t get as deep in political philosophy as I liked though. Left with a yard sign and a bit of literature. I’d go to more.

Libertarian Links:

Libertarian Party

Arkansas Libertarian Party

The Nolan Chart, Test Where You Are Politically


3 thoughts on “Checking Out The Libertarian Party

  1. the chart was interesting…..according to it I am just me…
    (Libertarian sort of)
    I guess I just want to see someone in the White House that will remember the Constitution, remember they are serving the people not the other way around, and to remember they are a head of state running a great country full of great people no matter how the current politics portray us and slant the truths….and they don’t want to rule the world and get rich(er)
    Good thinking post
    Take Care


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