Puffy Chicken, More Hugs, Kettlebells, Cosplay and Memories; The Last Day of DragonCon

Ahh Sunday, the last day of DragonCon. Woke up late, obviously. Falling asleep at 4:30am does that. After drinking all the coffee in the room and trying to empty the pot in the concierge area we slowly made our way to Jazz Hands. The others took awhile but the day felt good and we didn’t mind the wait. 

When they arrived we took off for the Food Court so Thorin could get his Puffy Chicken fix. While we ate we planned the day, finally settling on returning to the Art Show and trying to stick together this time. Wandering through the show I was picking up a lot of the cards of the artists I liked. And caved, buying two prints of warrior women I had seen the day before along with picking up some little pictures for those at home. Mitch Foust was the artist of the prints I got. His website is here.

Wandering back to the hotel to off-load our booty, I asked Wooly if he wanted to try his hand at Mjolnir, my 53lb kettlebell. Hell yeah! And he realized, it’s not as easy as you think. Only got half-way up with coaching. Not judging, because not long ago I was the same way.

We went to the Westin bar and shot the breeze, and all of the conversations could be fodder for another book in and of themselves. Dinner time brought us to the Hard Rock Cafe where the infamous Table Incident and Sneak Attack had occurred the previous year.

The year before we got a bad table that broke and while we waited when we arrived, I had snuck up on Wade and grabbed him, he recoiled only to catch Bobby’s tongue…in his ear.

But Wade had learned to pay attention this year. Bobby tried it, and instead got a tongue in his ear. Still didn’t save Wade from me, the mighty Waldo slayer (inside joke). I walked up behind him a grabbed him again!

So his awareness IS improved. A little. *applauds*

Binx and Andrew

Anyway, we headed back to the Con with our signs in hand and the Hug Competition still on. But first we had to molest Jazz Hands with screwed up poses. Like the one on yesterday’s post.

We wandered around looking for an empty spot for us to set up, and waited for the hugs! I had Thorin’s Free Bear Hug sign, standing beside the bear of a man Andrew with his Bear Hug sign. Thorin had my iPhone, taking pictures. Thanks to my kettlebell swings and snatches I jerked many a person that outweighed me that night. And had a woman snatch ME up in a bear hug.

Steve and Casey

Hell yeah! Best hug ever!

Now before you give me the stink eye, my wife got the best hug ever from Steve, who is on the show Ghost Hunters, who walked by us for the second day in a row. This continued on until we got distracted by the best costume I’ve ever seen.

The wings opening.

That woman and her friend, I think, hooked up a mechanism that opened up a set of retractable wings. After this we wandered to the Hilton to set up, though I was bored with it and decided to people watch while the others lined up against the wall. At one point this guy walked up to talk to us and noticing my wife said he’d have to get a free hug.

He had my attention. His tone told me he wanted more. He got his hug, and proceeded to flirt with her, a lot. I stepped in. He went away. Thorin was about to put the cock block on him if I hadn’t of noticed. It was getting late so we started to say our goodbyes, not wanting to go, and head back to our rooms. All the while wondering where Binx went. Last we saw he was talking to a really pretty girl. I had my ideas.

Oh, and the winner of the hug contest…Connor with 237. A record. Casey had 206.

Back at the hotel I stuck around downstairs for a time before bed with Bobby, Connor, Alex and Turk in the bar area. I brought down his copy of Growls, personalized and gave it to him outside. Which he subsequently gave to the lawyer he was talking to after I left.

Spreading the word. He’ll be confused at the autograph though.

Through the course of the weekend you learn things about yourself if you take even a bit of time for introspection. I learned that:

  • For a guy who isn’t comfortable hugging people, I hugged a lot of people.
  • Casey and Bobby were right, if I relax, I open up. Woosaa. I was very comfortable that weekend.
  • Questions are good icebreakers. Got that from watching Thorin.
  • Apparently I’m more intimidating than I thought. Who knew? I blame kettlebells and attitude.

Already preparing for next year. See you there?

2 thoughts on “Puffy Chicken, More Hugs, Kettlebells, Cosplay and Memories; The Last Day of DragonCon

    • Thanks. Overlooks the bed now. He’s good enough I didn’t mind including a link to his page.

      Unsure which is my favorite though. Really like samurai, obviously, and redheads, also obviously. 🙂 A conundrum.


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