Art, Books, Free Hugs, Wolf Fest, and a Book Signing; Day 3 of DragonCon

It’s Saturday and I wake up somewhat early and hit the kettlebell. Yeah, it came with me. After finishing my Heavy Day and congratulating myself on moving up the volume every two weeks instead of one, I had to pay up on a bet.

My wife falls asleep on every road trip longer than a hour and a half. So expecting an easy victory I bet her she would fall asleep on the way to Atlanta. Winner gets whatever they want.

I lost.

Jazz Hands

And she got pampered with room service and breakfast in bed. From there we went downstairs to meet up at Jazz Hands and wait for the rest of the pack. My best friend and his boys were there and while we talked this guy just walks up and starts handing out books, cards and brochures. Introduces himself as Thomas Knowles. And starts talking about publishing. Well I know a thing or three about that 😉 So I hand him my card and we three, Bobby and I start talking. Interesting promotional idea. May try it. So if you’re at DragonCon next year and a couple of guys in black hand you a free book, it’s probably us.

Finally we head out to the underground mall in the Peachtree Center to meet a guy Thorin and a few others ran into the night before that was familiar with Wicked Jester and Wolf Fest. Well, someone showed up but it wasn’t that guy. Tripped all our alarms. Quickly separating from him we took off upstairs to wait on Thorin, who wasn’t long on coming…alone. Talk about the heebie-jeebies.

After hitting Gibney’s Pub for lunch we were once again roaming the Con we hit

Dragon Wolf & Dragon

the Art Show. Comic book creators on one side like Neil Adams who modernized Batman, Mark Bagley who does a great Spider-Man, Humberto Ramos who worked on Wolverine and did the art for the DragonCon badges. Had to watch my wallet. A lot of prints I wanted. Explored the Art Show/Auction side searching for an artist I bought a print from the previous year, didn’t find her but I found a dragonwolf and a dragon print from a guy named Stanley Morrison. And a few others I held off on buying.

We lost track of everyone so we took off for the Walk of Fame again and got the actor that plays Laffayette on True Blood’s autograph. Met up with Wade and took off to unload our art, and autographs. And let Wade try his hand at military pressing my 53lb kettlebell. You can see that here.

I was surprised and proud. By then it was time to meet up again at the Westin before heading to the Feast at Max Lagers. I grabbed my books for the signing and headed off with Casey. Properly caffeinated, we walked to Max’s where a few were holding our spot. As most of our dinners go, it was a lot of questions and going around the table answering. If you want the details then all I’m saying is, should’ve been there.

While Casey took pictures of the Feast and later the book signing, which you can see here, our waitress questioned us about the books. Bobby started telling her about them and even got both for her from me. Excellent timing since most of the Howls From The Wolfpack authors were there. And I do love signing books. From there it was back to the rooms to drop off the books, in my case, rest in the others’ case. And meet up again at Jazz Hands.

This time we all made signs.

And shenanigans prevailed. Casey racked up 160 to Connor’s 140 that night. Guys jumping out of cars, off of bikes, and we all got to discover my “crazy eyes” when one didn’t let go and kept spinning her. 

Around 2am myself, Bobby, Wooly, Connor and Alex headed back to the hotel. Casey went to sleep and the rest of us stayed awake until 4:30 talking about this, that, and combat. Even had an impromptu BJJ class in the hotel bar.

A busy day.


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