Everyone Makes It, Elevator Hi-jinks; Day 2 of DragonCon

Friday morning was an early wake up when my best friend arrived after driving all night. Took one look at me and said go back to bed. Well I went back to my room at least. Caffeinated and caught up on the social networks and emails I started to plan out the weekend. Casey had a few celebrities she wanted to meet and I wanted to attend a writers forum.

Soon, she woke up so it was off to breakfast and getting Bobby and Connor their badges. From there it was scoping out the hotels that the Con was being held at and then meeting up with the rest of the crew sans Alex. Wade, Andrew and Wooly had arrived. And they were huge. Except Wade. First time I met them in person.

By then it’s lunch time, so we took off to try Hooters until it was time to get Alex. A few of us wandered the booths in the Marriott, if I remember right. I knew Casey would like that. Fairly crowded for a Friday. Glad I stayed away after that.

Casey found a corset she liked but it was a bit steep, but I did grab a brochure. Sexy. After picking up a few things, and hitting the Walk of Fame, picking up some autographs; we headed to the Westin to go chill in our friends’ room.

And somehow ended up in a service elevator rocketing up to the 75th floor. Our first clue probably should’ve been that 12 people fit in it. The door opened to us greeting a pair of surprised Latinos in the kitchen and me shrugging and grinning. Weirdness in elevators seems to be a Fest tradition now. Well they crowded in and we finally made it to the room to hatch a battle plan.

Recharge. The night calls to us.

Back to the room for a bit of rest and preparation. We met back at the Westin Lobby bar and met Natas. Viking had thought the Natas persona out well, complete with business cards. Loved it. Casey was adorable in the cat ears with ribbons she had picked up and her Free Hug sign.

Connor had some competition.

Just not that night. After leaving Max Lagers where we went to see about reserving a spot for the next night we hit the Con again. It was pretty dead compared to normal. Enough so we left for the hotel fairly early.

Saturday was a whole other ball game.


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