Ermagherd Werrfferst! Dergen Con! We Arrive in Atlanta.

Thursday had us up at 5am and gone by 6; driving like I was on a mission, fueled entirely by caffeine, 5 hour energy shots, Jerky and barely restrained anticipation. The entire trip I stopped twice, once in Olive Branch, MS and then just outside the Georgia border.

Ermagherd! Werfferst!

After uncharacteristically breaking the speed limit most of the way there we arrived around 3:30, checking into the Marriott Downtown. I should note that small amount of Atlanta traffic had me shaking a bit. Not a city driver.

After unpacking our bags and shocking the valet with the 53lb kettlebell, we headed off to Taco Mac where Burke and Viking were. After their slight culture shock at meeting a deaf person we headed out to get our badges for DragonCon. And let me tell you about the wait in line.

Five minutes. Really.

They were on their game. And kept it up all weekend. About this time Thorin was on approach with an employee named “Binx”, so it was off to the hotel to meet them.

From there we went to the Vortex for dinner. And through the course of the


night we got to know Binx. You think we stand out in a crowd? Binx with his make up and green eyeliner, sorta spiky hair and style was like a strobe light.

And proving the point I always make, you can’t judge a book by its cover. The guy can hold his own and contribute in any of the varied conversations we had. And because he gravitated towards my wife I kept an eye on him.

Perfect gentleman.

Quick too. He was eager to learn sign language and frequently pointing at girls in the Con and signing “Hot”. Happy to count him as a friend after this weekend.

We picked up our Wolf Fest kits from Thorin and headed back to the hotel. I almost got lost and made a fairly tense way back to our room. We had an early night, because the next day, the rest of the crew arrive.

Wolf Fest Swag. Only available to those who were there.

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