And We Are Off to the Con!

I’m in Mississippi! Or I should be when this publishes to Ronin’s Journey.

Why am I in Ole’ Miss? Road trip to my second favorite event of the year. DragonCon and more importantly…Wolf Fest.

Where authors of the book Howls From The Wolfpack get together with other wolves, black sheep, etc. This year we’ll have the Feast, and I’ll have a small (very small) book signing there.

We should arrive in Atlanta at 3pm, I hope. And Viking, Thorin, and Burke should already be there. Get our badges, planner, and go eat. Catch up and hash out an agenda. Then off to sleep. Gotta wake up to meet the Swatcops. They’re driving all night to arrive at 5am. You bastards. Making me wake up.

The rest will arrive on Friday and we can explore the Con. My wife is going, looking forward to the celebrities, and will be the Abyss Press photographer, because she’s better at it than I am.

I’ll post pictures on my Facebook page s Ronin/AbyssPress and exclusive ones in the newsletter. Which you can subscribe to by emailing SUBSCRIBE to

When I get 25 subscribers I’ll send a discount code for 2$ off in the next newsletter for my books.

To keep up with the fun this weekend you can watch the Ronin page or for quicker updates, follow me on Twitter at

See you later! Unless you’re at the Con, and maybe I’ll see you there.


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