Little One Part II

For those that are new or having kept up that much, my wife and I suffered a loss a few months back. Poetry is my feelings in words, and sometimes helpful.

Little One it’s been awhile

I still wish I could see you smile

The pain ebbs and flows

I almost wish my heart would grow cold

It’s been months since that day

Feels like yesterday

I often look at the Angel Memorial on the shelf

Oh God, the pain within myself

Your mom hasn’t been the same

Her pain, in waves it came

It hurts knowing a mother’s burden is greater

That I can’t help her shoulder it

She sees babies being born

We’ll have another she’s sworn

Toddlers playing

She’s praying

Every child we see

We wonder what could be

I was cleaning out my phone the other day

Looking for pictures that needed to go away

I came across those we took when we learned of you

And I had to quickly turn away too

Tears came unbidden

Wish I could make them forbidden

I could keep going

Until its snowing

But a part three

In the future I see

So I say farewell

Till in my mind you come back to dwell

Praying our emotions will quell

And happiness swells


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