DragonCon/WolfFest! Just Around the Corner!

To say I’m excited to go back to DragonCon and Wolf Fest is an understatement. Though I think SwatcopKid has me beat since he’s posted a countdown, daily, since last year’s. I’m looking forward to the changes, familiar faces, old friends and new people.

And this year knowing what to expect, we got our crap together. Last year was informal, fly by the seat of your pants preparation. If I remember right we had…3 months notice? This year, we’ve had a year to get ready.

One change, we’re closer in. Last year we were in hotels as far as 12 miles away, and lucky to get them. Fighting traffic sucks, even late night traffic. This year we’re all within a 10 minute walk from anywhere we went last year. Which is good considering the hours we kept. Like 10am to 3am. Not counting the marathon drive down there in the middle of the night last year. 42 hours awake anyone?

I don’t mind paying for a fancy hotel for that convenience, which is another thing I’m looking forward to. Never stayed in one like that. Casey, my wife, is especially looking forward to that. That’s another change, this year I’ll hopefully have her with me. I love my friends but a day apart from her really makes me miss her and sucks some fun out of it.

My friends…what can I say. This year will be better. Last year was the first time most of us had met face to face.

Were they the same people online as they are offline? They were.

This year they’ll be greeted as brothers. Plus the opportunity to meet even more at the Feast. Thorin is letting me bring the Abyss Press books to the Dinner, hopefully over the course of the weekend I will be able to sell all of them. Everyone can benefit from those books in my opinion. This will be my first official book signing.

Last year all we could do was tell people about them and that was mostly Bobby. This year I’ll have books and cards to get in touch with me if necessary. Having fun, spreading the message of self-mastery.

I can’t wait. Arriving earlier. Bringing my 53lb kettlebell for training and see who’s man enough to press it. Hell yeah! Two more weeks!

Pictures from last year here.

2 thoughts on “DragonCon/WolfFest! Just Around the Corner!

  1. Sounds like a grand time will be had by all. Wish we could make it but neither the vehicle or bank account could handle such a journey this year. Good luck with the book sales! Oh, and pics, dammit. I expect lots of ’em, okay? 🙂


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