Whatever Happened To Quartzite, AZ?

The other day I started wondering about Quartzite, AZ again. I had written about it a year ago when the Town Council turned it into a police state of sorts. Doesn’t appear to have improved much.


It appears the Mayor who’d been at the center of it all had been reelected and contested, along with his opponent. And a new Councilwoman has found inconsistencies in the Town Council.

What the hell is going on out there?

This is a good example of while your watching Obama and Romney go toe to toe on the same goals, different ways to get there, and Gary Johnson on the edge getting his licks in; not to neglect what’s going on in your back yard. State, county or local.

I’ve preferred local government better than a federal because the voters can reach out and touch those in power.

Here are the links to the last time I covered this. Quartzite and a small town of Gould in my state.

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Small Town Tyranny Continues; The Regimes in Gould, AR & Quartzite, AZ

Insurrection in Gould, AR

Gould, AR City Council Sees The Light?

3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Quartzite, AZ?

  1. What a fucking disaster area of local politics. Does anyone know if any of their town council even passed Kindergarten because it sure the hell doesn’t seem like they could have.

    In our neck of the woods, it’s a town just south of us, Sunland Park…officials get arrested, brawls break out at council meetings and the whole place really ought to be zoned in to a bigger city because they are costing the state a fortune in legal fees…while the town itself suffers from lack of cohesive leadership and services.


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