You May Be Your Own Worst Enemy Come Election Day

Ron Paul Supporters See A Libertarian Opportunity in Paul Ryan As VP

“If this the beginning of the libertarian era many optimists predict, libertarians must aid Paul Ryan in his latest bid and accept the opening to political relevance offered to us today by none other than Mitt Romney.”

Dafuq did I just read? Do you think my principles are an inch deep and a mile wide? That I’m a single issue voter? You don’t realize that I’m prepared to watch the country collapse due to Voter Apathy. Like an addict, we might just have to hit rock bottom and bounce twice before landing on our faces. THEN we can pick ourselves back up again.

I covered this more in depth in Growls Of A Wolf on how voters are led by fear and other emotions. Politicians have an almost bottomless toolbox they use to manipulate you, from redefining words, context, character assassination, and the futility of lesser evils.

In an interview I did with the blog Misbehaved Woman on the first book Howls From The Wolfpack and Growls Of A Wolf and my views. This is one of the questions she asked.

Misbehaved Woman: Of all the threats mankind is currently facing what do you consider to be the greatest threat to our existence as free beings?

Me: Apathy. We are so comfortable now, so entertained, that humanity in the First World, will only complain if that comfort is taken away. And if it is take away, they’re too soft to do anything about it. Only about 30 to 40% vote in General elections and even less than that in the Primaries where it really matters. The other 60-70% are comfortably numb.

In the Primaries I ignored the debates and campaign speeches, I looked for the candidates records. Then you have more of a choice than the 2 or 3 in the General Election.

Now I’m not in the Libertarian Party, but I do consider myself a small L libertarian. Mostly because the LP has a pledge they want you to sign and I’ve already made my one and only vow last year. But I digress, our biggest problems are that we have a low number voting in Primaries where it makes a difference, and who is voting isn’t that informed. Every time a new face showed in the Primaries, that person rose and fell. Like the excitement of a new toy.

Could they beat the other party?

Can we run away from our own track record?

I know, we’ll use fear. A vote for anyone but us is a vote for the incumbent. That’s the mindset. You know in all but who gets what percentage in tax brackets and a few select social issues the Democrats and Republicans are the same. Every thing that encroaches and takes our freedom the two “mortal enemies” that is the two parties are amazingly bipartisan.

This is why I’m not voting for either party, nor am I a “Paulbot” that’s just another word for sheep. Same as the majority led by emotions and not reason. I am a sovereign individual, a wolf. I will vote for who is aligned with my principles. Enough do the same  and any party can be raised from obscurity. Remember, the Federalists, Whigs, and Democrat-Republicans (yes, one party, still arguably that)? Now the first two are extinct and added to the roster is Libertarian Party, Green Party, and Constitution Party.

Think about that.

Link to my interview here


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