Six Week Assessment, Slow and Steady Progress.


Since I finished the last cycle of the Rite Of Passage I thought it would be wise to OWN the 44lb kettlebell. Especially moving up to weights approaching half my bodyweight or 72.7lbs, only 20lbs from my new kettlebell I’ll begin a new cycle with.

So taking the advice from a guy on the DragonDoor forum and clearing it with my RKC, I added density to my training days. Instead of 5 rungs on my ladders, only 3 rungs with higher reps.

I did have to take a week off after I sprained my right hand sparring during a training session in Systema. I tried to roll out of a bear hug around my waist and failed to rotate my hand. Ended up bending my two middle fingers back at 45 or 60 degrees. Could not grip anything for awhile.

Mondays is the Light Day. Really light. 3 reps for 5 sets. Military Pressed the kettlebell for more work. Snatches and High Pulls.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my Variety Days. Thursdays I did the program Brad put together for me. It began with a superset. 5 Heavy Cleans with the 53lb kettlebell followed by a TGU alternating between the 30lb and 44lb kettlebell. Then Snatches with the 44 and Swings with the 53. Not the volume I do on a normal day though. I’ll continue on and progress during the next cycle.

Wednesday is the Medium Day. About 70% of the volume of the Heavy Day. (3-5)5 or 45 reps with the 44lb. Still swinging in a circuit.

Saturdays I go big, its the Heavy Day. The goal I’m working up to is (3-5-7)5 and I’ll hit that this Saturday. When I Military Press the 44 seven times I hit a One-Rep max of 53, the size of my next kettlebell.

Let’s see what the Density Program did. I don’t suspect much of a change, even made some loss in size.

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition

Let’s look at the difference from before the Cycle with the 44lb.

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14.1                              14.2                 +.1

Shoulders                44.25                           44                -.25

Chest                           38.2                           38.2                  0

Waist                           31                                31.5                  +.5

Biceps                         12.1                             12.1                      0

Forearms                 10.87                         10.50               -.37

Thighs                       20.50                        20.50                   0

Calves                           13.25                       13.20                  0

Weight                          143.4lbs                 145.4              +2.0lbs

Body Fat %                  12.3%                  13.0%               +.7%

Lean Body Mass        125.40lbs           126.40            +1.olbs

Some size gain, lean body mass increase. Can’t complain. I’ll finish this out this Saturday, take 3 days off, then PRESS TEST the 53lb. Last time was 3 reps. Then I’ll take a few more days off and start a new cycle on the last week of the month with the 53lb. Gonna take it to DragonCon, see which of my friends can Press it overhead, and how many times.

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