What’s Success?

Taking a small break from all that is political, I decided to share what happened on Sunday to me. Now my wife Casey likes for us to go to church and as my stepbrother says, “Get my Jesus on!”


Anyway, usually at the end of the sermon he asks if you have a particular need to stand up, he wants to pray for you. And then follows with, if you see anyone standing nearby, stand with them.

This time he changed it, if you are successful, stand up. I shocked a few when I stood up. Maybe it was because my definition of success is different from most, probably. But I am.

You see, a few days earlier me and my wife had a “marriage check up”, its like a physical except for your marriage. Our marriage rates an A-. We have good health, good jobs, not hurting for money, and I am doing what I love with Abyss Press and the books. It’s not in the red, and it’s not enough to count as a third income, yet. But it’s a pleasure.

Looks like I’m successful to me. So how do you rate success?

Seeking Shadows

Ice-T on Gun Rights: “Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny”

This made me think a lot about the role law enforcement plays in modern days. There are a lot of officers that do a lot for society and its people, and I am grateful for the work they do. That being said, there is a noticeable increase in violent actions by police towards unarmed citizens.

Why should people have to fear their own police forces? Are they not here to ensure our safety? I know that all officers are not the same, and I’m confident there are still a lot out there that try every day to make the streets a safer place. Yet, there are more out there it seems, that are trying to instill fear into society, as a method of control.

Fear is an ancient method of control, and the weapon of choice when trying to control…

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