Gary Johnson Weekly News Update

Gary Johnson at the Rally for the Republic

Gary Johnson at the Rally for the Republic (Photo credit: ronpaulrevolt2008)

Putting my money where my mouth is, and I donated to his campaign so I  mean that literally, I’m going to tell you the news you probably haven’t seen during the week in this campaign cycle. Its mostly Obama or Romney. I’m going to promote a third choice until election day.

Former Governor Gary Johnson. Who I endorse for President.

Let’s look at the news links:

Why I will be voting for Gary Johnson for President (Washington Times)

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer Calls For Gary Johnson to Be Included in Romney and Obama’s Presidential Debates (Reason)

As Ron Paul’s campaign for president winds down, many look to Gary Johnson (The Examiner)

And here’s his campaign website here. If you’ve read the Presidential Contender page you know I’ve liked this guy from the beginning, even over Ron  Paul. Next Monday I’ll bring a new batch of news. Pretty sad not to see any big Mainstream Outlets talking about him last week. Proves my point on bias.


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