The Aurora Massacre and The Fallout

Watching the coverage of the Aurora Massacre I’m reminded of the media bias I wrote about in the essay Who Is Your Master/Bow To None in the book Howls From The Wolfpack. From this coverage the killer has been dubbed “The Joker” by the media, thus turning him into a legend of sorts. From the Breaking News reports, almost always wrong, the anchors and “expert” commentators have filled the airwaves with so much conjecture that conspiracies inevitably arise. And it’s a pattern.

In the Ft. Hood Massacre, the news said it was a group of people shooting. Same with this instance. When you see Breaking News it’s 10% something happened, 90% opinion. Because the situation is fluid, no one knows for sure what is happening. But it’s still reported. Like all news in fact. What you see is what a producer thinks you should see. Control the language, control the information, and you will control the thoughts.

Why do you think that dictatorships take over the country’s airwaves?

Now we see calls for “Assault Weapon Bans” again, however it’s not gaining much traction. And it wouldn’t work. Criminals won’t turn in their guns and smart people won’t either.

While everyone focuses on this, and how the killer acquired all his gear legally, you don’t see the news like the week before, where a retired gentleman was in an Internet Café minding his own business when two punks came in with guns ready.

More evil gun violence!

Nope. He calmly waited for an opportunity to pull his legally owned and permitted to carry, pistol and shot the two before they could do some damage. Story here:

I’ve posted about other times guns were used by good people like here, here, here and here.

To even buy a gun or get a permit through a dealer you’re vetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You may think that guy slipping through is a trend, but thousands of guns are bought every day by good people. And every criminal started somewhere. It’s a flaw in character, not the system.

So think things through before you let the media shape your thoughts. Take nothing as Gospel, not the television news, papers, Internet or even my site. I’m fair, but I’m not balanced, and I admit this is opinion. Reasoned opinion, but still just that.

Question Everything.


3 thoughts on “The Aurora Massacre and The Fallout

  1. You mean i can not believe the magic box even. Who will i go to for information then. As always ronin you are spot on with your writting. The news stations want to be the first to get the stroy out so they will say whatever they need so people will watch thier news channel and no one else.


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