Racial Pride?

Is White Pride racism?

What about Black Power?

Or Affirmative Action and quotas?

The answer is…yes. The best way I’ve seen it summed up is by Ayn Rand who said…

“Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical predestination.”

White Pride and Black Power, two sides of the same coin. Just because your culture has a rich history doesn’t mean you inherit all of their abilities. All cultures have similarities, just slightly different ways of going about it. But it is learned.

Even natural athletes and genius level intellects with some good genetics have to put forth the willpower to use it. You can transplant an African child to China and they’ll grow up eating rice, speaking Chinese, and bowing. The only difference is skin tint and whatever genetic markers came from their parents and even that can be changed with diet and lifestyle.

You are not your genes. Don’t use them as a crutch or podium. If this was true all the Jamaicans would be gold medal winners like Usain Bolt. But no, he’s a product of dedication, training and indomitable will.

And that’s a much sturdier foundation than what others have done. If someone asks what you’ve done in life and you say you’re from a long line of engineers but you work at McDonald’s; it’s just not the same.



4 thoughts on “Racial Pride?

  1. It’s funny in that in the grand scheme of things that we even have to worry about such things, because in that scheme of things there is less genetic diversity between any two humans on a international scale than most animal species within their habitat on a much smaller scale. To even have a “difference in race” is a bad joke, we’re not different breeds of dogs, we’re too close, more like an inbreed family, very few branches. This running gag has gone on long enough, hopefully soon we can let this bad joke die. Good article


  2. Well said. The black panthers that I worked with in prisons were as racist as the skinheads I worked with…all of them were misguided idiots and all that their hatred and separation does is set them ALL back and prevents any of them from making any progress at all. Prison is just a microcosm of society as a whole so apply that stunted thinking out here & racial pride from any angle does nothing more than stunt the growth of the human race and prevents us from moving forward.


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