The Debates Are A Sham

As a supporter of Gov. Gary Johnson (even before he registered Libertarian) I’m on his mailing list for updates. And I got this yesterday.’s-put-gov-gary-johnson-on-the-national-debate-stage

Apparently being on the ballot in ALL FIFTY STATES doesn’t get you on the debate stage. You have to place 15% in the polls.

“Fair enough,” you may be thinking. However, you can twist polls, phrase questions or outright ignore some people. Like those who run in the third largest party in the country, The Libertarian Party.

The Governor is asking for 15$, to help get him out there so people will see him and hopefully the biased mainstream media will acknowledge him. This is the first candidate I’ve ever donated to. None of the others at this point have been worth it to me.

Without Gary Johnson out there you have a choice between the Republican dictator or the Democrat tyrant. That’s like deciding which foot to shoot yourself in. It still hurts.

So donate if you’d like a REAL choice, please.



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