The Principle Behind Democratic Slavery

I was reading the SCOTUSBlog on the Healthcare decision and got to the point where the writer discussed the Medicare Coercion. And how it failed. The one bright spot in the whole mess.

The writer pointed out a scary trend to me that I had written of before. Social Engineering.

“Instead, the Court moved on to the fourth issue in the case, popularly known as the “Medicaid coercion” issue. At issue is a provision in the health-care law that would require the states to provide Medicaid coverage for virtually all poor Americans under the age of sixty-five – a significant expansion of what the federal government currently requires – or risk losing all of the Medicaid funding that they get from the feds. The states argued that the provision is unconstitutional because the federal funding is so large, and they are so dependent on it, that they really don’t have a choice about whether to comply with the new requirements.”

Do you see the velvet chains the states have willingly wrapped themselves in. Federal money that is taken from the states and given right back as grants, etc is like a crack rock to a junkie. Can’t live without it.

“The Court acknowledged that Congress can put strings on the money that it gives to the states. However, it explained that this was not the kind of “relatively mild encouragement” that the Court had approved in earlier cases involving this “coercion” theory – for example, in a 1987 case in which it had held that Congress could threaten to withhold five percent of federal highway funds from states that did not raise their drinking age to twenty-one. Instead, the Medicaid provision goes too far and is more like a “gun to the head.” Having said that, however, the Court made clear that Congress could still attach some strings to the Medicaid funds. Specifically, even if it can’t take away all of the funding for states that don’t comply with the new eligibility requirements, it can still withhold the new Medicaid funds if states don’t comply. So although the Obama Administration lost on this issue, it’s probably a loss that it is willing to live with for now, as few states (if any) are ultimately expected to turn down the new Medicaid money, even with the strings.”

“Relatively mild encouragement” aka social engineering. How to gently move a society in the direction you wish it to go without alerting them of the loss of freedom and independence. I touched on it in the Land Of The Free or Home Of The Slaves chapter in Growls Of A Wolf. If you get pushy, like what the ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate did then more people notice and you see what happened. About 2 years after passing it was already in the Supreme Court. It’s not often I see a Federal Law in the Supreme Court.

You think your free? Even your state sold you out for 30 pieces of silver until everyone got so dependent they would fight for more dependence on the government before they would fight for freedom.


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