Unconstitutionally Constitutional? The Individual Mandate.

A sad day for freedom today, I lost my temper and was so angry I could barely function. All because of 5 people in robes. Let’s look at the Affordable Care Act.

Individual Mandate

Unconstitutional…under the Commerce Clause. So an overt dictatorial move of requiring you to do business is out of the picture.


Wait…what? It is constitutional to make you pay the fine if we call it a tax if you don’t buy insurance. Ok, so I’m poor and can’t afford it so you’ll tax me, which I also can’t afford.

So now the government is saying “you don’t have to buy insurance but if you know what’s good for you, you will. Or we’re paying you a visit.”

Social Engineering at its worst. Also, to those who think it’ll be cheaper now? Before the insurance companies had to compete for your money, now they own you, because face it, you either have to pay them for insurance or pay the government for nothing.

For those who think Obama and the Democrats are for the little guy, he just gave the business you purport to hate so much(the insurance companies) millions of more customers. Just another sell-out corporate whore who if OWS had any principles would be protesting.

Bend over, Uncle Sam or a business man is going in dry.

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