A Nation of Slaves?

Government these days is just one person trying to screw the other person and get a piece of the pie. The pie being control over a weak populace that demands to be taken care of. 

I wish people would realize that whoever takes care of you is your master, they own you. And the government knows this, it’s why they always offer “help” and new programs using money taken from the very people they “help”.

Why not let them keep their money and help themselves?

Oh, yeah. That would make them independent. And someone who’s independent can’t be controlled so the government has no sway over them.

Why do you think they have so many regulations to just start a business, which makes you self-sufficient.  Or bust you for drinking raw milk or growing your own garden? Because you meet your needs, and therefore don’t need help. So you must be punished, made an example of.

Why beg for help from a government willing to detain me indefinitely without a trial courtesy of the NDAA, assassinate me with a drone, like American citizens overseas in Yemen. No trial for them. Or spy on me without a warrant due to the “Patriot Act”. Trust my government to take care of me? No. Fuck the government. Fuck the Republicans, the Democrats. I’m voting for the one party that actually will recognize my sovereignty. The Libertarians.

Maybe if enough people woke up and got off their damn knees we can make a difference. There’s a reason I hold people like that in such disregard. The failed potential. I have no pity for them. Only those who try on their own get my respect.

Obama’s Kill List here

War on Independence here

Drones over America here and here

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