Changes, Updates and Keeping Up With It All

Been making  some changes on this site, Facebook and the new book. First this site.

Ronin’s Journey

Changed the header, went from a red font to a blue. Is it easier to read?  Removed the poll but the results say my commentary and politics are the favorites. Added a Facebook plug-in to new Ronin/Abyss Press Author Facebook page. More on that below. Also added and subtracted some of my favorite websites to visit.

The New Book

Growls Of A Wolf is now being carefully looked over by volunteers to check my writing. Chris, Amanda, Audrey and my Uncle Mike. They’re helping me bring the best book I can to you. The cover is ready now also.


I started a Facebook page for Growls like I did for Howls, but got to thinking, one central Facebook page for all of my projects would be easier. So I created the Ronin/Abyss Press page so I can keep everyone up to date easier.

The Howls From The Wolfpack and the Growls Of A Wolf pages will stay up. For one Howls was a group project and I use it to promote the authors within and other wolves doing their own thing.

And Growls is staying up because it already has quite a few Likes. However, the book project Breakdown won’t have it’s own page. You’ll have to go to the Ronin page. And you can from this site, right side, and above my Twitter Feed.

Big things coming, enjoy the ride. Like the pages please, help me spread the word.

Facebook Page Links:

Howls From The Wolfpack

Growls Of A Wolf

Ronin/Abyss Press


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