Still Battling the Demon, What Oni Is Forging


Time for another assessment. What damage has Oni, the 44lb Kettlebell has wrought. This time the ROP is taking a little longer since I smashed my elbow into a tree and took a week off, then backed off a couple of weeks and starting again from there. So the normal cycle will be about 4 weeks longer.

However, since after that I’m moving to a 53lb kettlebell, what the Russian Military use, I’m going to own the 44 before I move up. So when I hit (1-2-3-4-5)5 or 75 total, I’m going to back off for active rest for a couple of weeks and do the Program Minimum with the 44lb. Tactical Get-Ups and Swings. Then I’m going to add some density and really build up my armor. I  will work up to (3-5-7)5, and if I can press the 44 seven times, the 53 is not a problem.

This will take 12 weeks starting today. The reason I am doing this is sometimes I have to really grind out on my heavy days. So I don’t want to go heavier until I’m sure about the 53. After you hit the 40lb and up kettlebells any flaws you have in form will become apparent.

Now lets look at training so far….

Mondays is the Light Day. Military pressing the 44. And I’m snatching more than doing High Pulls with Oni the 44. And my local RKC‘s suggestion of rows fixed my posture so now he has me doing pull ups. At least I think that’s right. I see the term used so much for pull ups or chin ups.

All I know is I grab the bar at shoulder width, palms facing out, and pull up to my collar bone from a dead hang. Kipping  is for sissies. I do that for rep ladders like my presses, only less reps.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my Variety Days. When the volume goes up, I use these days for rest.

Wednesday is the Medium Day. I started to play a little on these days with Hand to Hand Swings. They look like a one-armed swing except at the top I release the bell and grab with the other hand. Repeat. And Clean & Presses of course.

Saturdays I go big, its the Heavy Day. I go as Heavy as I can and still leave one in the tank. And that’s hard as it should be. I’m having to extend my rest periods to. Yet another reason to stick with the 44 for awhile. Also started Double Kettlebell Swings with the 30 and 44. Switching hands every few reps to balance out. And Joint Mobility from Pavel’s SuperJoints.

So on my normal three training days are Presses, Rows and Swings. Let’s see where it got me.

I didn’t do anything Functional, just Body Comp.

Body Composition

Let’s look at the difference in the 6 week time frame.

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14.5                              14.5                     0

Shoulders                43                              43.25                   +.25

Chest                           37                              37.25                  +.25

Waist                           31.25                       31.5                       +.25

Biceps                         12.1                                12.1                     +0

Forearms                 10.66                         10.75                +.09

Thighs                       19.80                         20                      +.20

Calves                           13.20                       13.50               +.30

Weight                         142.4lbs                 142.8              +0.4lbs

Body Fat %                  11.90%                  12.50%           +.60%

Lean Body Mass        125.40lbs           124.95            -0.45lbs

Just about everything went up. No pictures though, I’ll include those in 6 weeks. Easier to see the difference.

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