I finally have someone I can vote for. I have loved Gary Johnson’s record since I researched him for a Ronin’s Journey post when he was a Republican Candidate.


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  1. I dropped out of participating in his campaign when he moved to Libertarian but he’ll get my vote no doubt about it. I just wasn’t game for jumping into the insane in-fighting within the L party.


    • I didn’t think they had a lot of in-fighting like the other two parties until I read @reason’s tweets about who’s going to be chairperson. Last I heard, still undecided after 4 votes and recounts. Makes Florida in 2000 look a little tame.


      • I got tangled up in the mix during the last election and decided never again. I hung on and watched a few of the townhall events after Gary switched parties but almost instantly everything changed. I loved those meetings – until then and once more L’s jumped into things, even the chat room became intolerable due to the fussing and fighting. I heard from people still working the campaign that emails are being sent out from other L’s dissing GJ and Root and promoting Ron Paul…uh…you know, the REPUBLICAN candidate. Insane on every level. And sad…


  2. I’m voting for Ron just as a Fuck You Mitt and give Ron more delegates in the Primary. But he’ll never make it to the General. I realize that, but Ron has a devoted following of…well…sheep.

    Ron is helping the long-term war of freedom ideas, but he’s never gonna be president.


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