What Is The Wolf Mentality/Philosophy To You?

One of the writer’s of Howls From the Wolfpack asked this question and this is my answer…

 Question: Through my own reflection and that I being a man of observation, I have come to a simple thought. I want to share this thought with the pact and I want the pact to provide their personal response. We all say that we follow the Wolf Mentality or we say the Wolf Philosophy (semantics I do believe). But I ask you this, do you assimilate the mentality/philosophy in whole? Or are there parts that you have left out through your way of life? Parts that you do not deem fit for your own self.

Answer: The Foundation of the Wolf Mentality is Think For Yourself. Where that leads an individual is up to them. What Thorin has up on STF and from TWIWC II is his personal philosophy. For the most part I agree with that, as do most of you. However my ratios are different, I’m heavy on analytical and Bobby is heavy on Justice. Wooly, Randal and Nekidgoat are heavy on Skepticism. And so on.

For me personally when my fur first grew I looked at all I believed and picked it apart. Then I rebuilt it, still the same for the most part but different. Concrete foundation, steel framework.

As time passes I adjust within my personal philosophy, keeping a balance. However the Wolf Mentality doesn’t require the tenets that Thorin laid out. We throw out words and definitions like Integrity and Respect. The only integrity needed is staying true to yourself, such as the integrity of a buildings structure. And respect is a courtesy, not a requirement for a wolf.

The Wolf Mentality is really pretty self-centered because you have to build yourself without caring what others think. That makes a wolf a wolf. You can be a selfish asshole and be a wolf as long as you built yourself through your own critical thought. It’s what you do with it afterwards.

Like this pack, we have our own, mostly unwritten code, yet it’s not required to be A wolf, just one of the wolves in THIS pack.

I love most of you, like the others but a true self-reliant wolf doesn’t need this pack. It’s not the be-all, end-all. Lighten up, enjoy each others company. Gather when you can, Live all the time, and when we meet, shake the walls with the Howls!


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