What Has The 44lb/20kg Kettlebell Forged; 6 Week Assessment

Working through the next cycle of the Rite of Passage with the 44 is a whole other beast. I jokingly call my home The Forge when I train but its more true than you think now.

Before the 44lb

What I like about the ROP is that though every training day I’m going heavier and heavier with the volume(reps) then after the third week you progress only on the Heavy days. At least until I get to (1-2-3-4)5 then every day jumps again, but its territory I’ve covered. Which is a blessing, though the Medium and Light days aren’t a cake walk.

Mondays is the Light Day. Was doing singles and now military pressing the 44. And started with High Pulls and now working on snatching the 44. And at the suggestion of my local RKC Instructor I’m doing Bent-Over Rows, 2 Rows for every Press.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my Variety Days. Tactical Get-Ups, Goblet Squats and Planks with the 30lb ‘bell to work what the Ballistics and Grinds miss.

5 Weeks In

Wednesday is the Medium Day. About 70% of the volume of the Heavy Day. Because I’m not yet capable of swinging the 44 constantly for time I’m doing interval training if the dice dictate more than 4 minutes. More than that and I swing for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds.

Saturdays I go big, its the Heavy Day. I go as Heavy as I can and still leave one in the tank. And that’s hard as it should be. And Joint Mobility from Pavel’s SuperJoints.

So on my normal three training days are Presses, Rows and Swings. Let’s see where it got me.

I didn’t do anything Functional, just Body Comp.

Body Composition

Let’s look at the difference in the 6 week time frame.

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14.5                              14                     0

Shoulders                42.5                           43                   +.50

Chest                           36.75                         37                  +.25

Waist                           29.75                         31.25              +1.5

Biceps                         12                                12                        0

Forearms                 10.50                         10.66                +.16

Thighs                       20.50                         19.80             -.70

Calves                           13.25                       13.20               -.05

Weight                          139.8lbs                 142.4              +2.6lbs

Body Fat %                  10.10%                  11.90%           +1.80%

Lean Body Mass        125.68lbs           125.40            -0.28lbs

Some size gain, little muscle loss, maybe from protein intake tapering the last few weeks. One thing though, on Heavy Days you wanna eat. Feels like I’m starving. Little fat increase, but hey, its only just under 12%, how many can say that. My waist grew but that’s from my obliques finally building up. Can’t wait to see what the 44lb kettlebell forges when I finish.

Before the 44lb Kettlebell

Also my wife has decided to start training though she’s off to a bumpy start but I’m teaching her the Enter the Kettlebell Program Minimum Break-In Plan and then I’m going to start her on the Program Minimum Variant on Adrienne Harvey RKCII’s website here. She wants to start the ROP but you gotta build a foundation first. When she gets started I’ll keep you appraised of her progress.

Unfortunately I’ll have to take a week off since Saturday I slammed an elbow into a tree while starting the lawnmower. A lot of weight hurts though its feeling better I really don’t want 44lbs falling  on my head. I’ll start back next week a couple of rungs back and work back. I have time, I still have to conquer the 53 and 62 pound kettlebells to be able to press half my body weight.

5 Weeks In

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