I Try To Take Off, & Congress Pisses Me Off So I Return For A Rant

Warning: “Foul” Language

I was cruising along Facebook when my friend Misbehaved Woman posted a story about Congress, at least the House, passing a law banning protests around politicians with Secret Service protection.

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

I question if today’s soldiers even know what the fuck the government is doing and if they support acts such as these. And if they do, they should be fucking court-martialed! You took an oath todefend the Constitution! Have you read the damn thing? 

We have  laws like the Patriot Act and NDAA pissing all over the damn thing. Yet still they sign up? What is your reasoning? Do you know who you’re working for?

Its not the American People.

I wouldn’t send you anywhere unless we’re attacked. No, you’re working for the same government that is stomping on the same document you both took an oath to defend. You’re an accessory at the very least, to the murder of freedom. You’re fighting the wrong threat.

I don’t question your bravery, I question why you are willing to work for the elected dictators and what the fuck your gonna do about?

End of the goddamn rant!


8 thoughts on “I Try To Take Off, & Congress Pisses Me Off So I Return For A Rant

  1. Right and proper rant – nicely done.

    Two of my step kids are currently serving in the military. Have they read the constitution? Not likely. Do they know who they’re working for and supporting? No. And they probably don’t really care. Why did they sign up? Same reason people order from TV ads…FREE GOODIES! AND WAIT…THERE’S A BONUS CHECK! As for what they’d be likely to do about any of this? Shrug. Figure it isn’t their problem…and walk away.

    Really fucking sad.


    • I posted this in two forums filled with Servicemen, I want to see their answers. My best friend was Special Forces and quit after seeing the games played. The guilt haunts him at being used.


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