The Rite is Almost Complete, So Where Did 12 Weeks of Kettlebells Get Me?

I’ve almost finished my first cycle of the Rite of  Passage, in fact next week will finish it out. Then I move up to the 44lb kettlebell. My sister questioned my sanity when I told her.


Fitness Progress Report:
Functional: Increases across the board. Reached my goals so all that’s left is pushups, pressing strength and endurance.

  • Pushups are still not up to 51. Considering the gains everywhere else it may be because I started of by pressing the 44lb to failure. Just smoked my shoulders.
  • Military Presses with the 44lb kettlebell.

         Left: 7 times (5 rep gain) Right: 4 times (3 rep gain)

  • One-Rep Max Weight

         Left:55lbs (was 40lbs)      Right: 50lbs (was 40lbs)

  • Snatches. 100 in 5 minutes, maybe 5o at the most would be called as a rep, the rest ‘no-count’ by a RKC. Smoked me. Did it with the 30lb ‘bell.

Body Composition

Let’s look at the difference in the 12 week time frame.

Body Part                     Before                         After               -/+

Neck                             14                                14.5                 +.5 in

Shoulders                42.25                         42.5                 +.25

Chest                           36.25                         36.75              +.5

Waist                           30.75                         29.75              -1.0

Biceps                         12                                12                        0

Forearms                 10.50                         10.50                 0

Thighs                       20.75                         20.50              -.25

Calves                           13.5                            13.25               -.25

Weight                          141.4lbs                    139.8              -1.5lbs

Body Fat %                  12.17%                      10.10%           -2.07%

Lean Body Mass        124.19lbs                 125.68            +1.49lbs

Some size gain, added muscle and fat melting off. Can’t wait to see what the 44lb kettlebell forges when I begin a new cycle.

Snatch in motion

How I got there

The Rite of Passage from Enter The Kettlebell. And a Primal Diet.

Fats: 130.8 grams (averaged)

Carbs: 131.6 grams (averaged)

Protein: 151.2 grams (averaged)

For more on primal go here.

Now on the suggestion of the RKC Brad Hamilton I saw last week I’m going to add onto my Variety Days. My next Cycle will look the same as the last but with the 44lb kettlebell.

The Variety Days will consist of Planks, Tactical Get-Ups, and Goblet Squats.

And Joint Mobility Drills Daily.

Yeah, the hand switched, My wife took 7 pictures of me snatching. These are the best.

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