Your Health: The Solution Isn’t in a Pill

In my primal journey I noticed that my health is much better which I attribute to actually eating real food and not eating heavily processed crap. And it seems a majority of my family is always sick or in pain. My sister-in-law is under pain management and one of the treatments causes weight gain…

That study links obesity to pain just by the weight hanging off of atrophied muscle and bones. You gotta be engaged and most of the health problems you have can be fixed by lifestyle changes.

Mark’s Daily Apple: Health Engagement

Doctors prescribe antibiotics like candy. One time I had a acute bronchitis and it made me feel miserable enough to actually go to a doctor. He prescribed some cough medicine (that I never took) and a round of antibiotics. I took them for two days and felt even worse. So I stopped. And felt instantly better. Notice on a lot of drug ads, they add this caveat at the end, “also changed diet and exercise.”

Mark’s Daily Apple: Antibiotics Kill The Good Guys

Mark’s Daily Apple: Antibiotic Alternatives

Mark’s Daily Apple: Gut Flora and The Immune System

A lot of medicines interfere with the body’s defenses for viruses and bacteria. Plus the foods you eat, like the massive amounts of sugars in cokes and even fruit juices.

10 Things You (Likely) Don’t Know About Your Immune System

Dear Mark: Sugar as Immune Suppressant

Food is more than just fuel for the body. It also provides the infrastructure. The calories you take in are more than just different grades of gas. Normal, Mid-Grade, and Premium. However the quality of the food can be compared to that. Imagine you’re body is a high-performance car. Your DNA at its base level builds a basic “car” that is finely-tuned. Its what you add to it, be it fitness and diet.

Regular Grade: Highly Processed Junk loaded with chemicals you can barely pronounce. Food like grains that you have to run through so many processes before you can eat it. Lousy for nutrients, and infrastructure. Usually a lot of simple carbs. Carbs are fuel, how active are you? Depending on your answer is if you need that many. If you don’t use them your body stores them for lean times.

Mid-Grade:  Conventional Wisdom’s idea of healthy eating. The ratios are off and the love of grains still. Which is highly-processed junk. Not nutrient dense, they have to add nutrients to it. Eat vegetables which have complex carbs, nutrient dense(full of vitamins and minerals) and low in calories instead.

Premium Grade: How your body is designed to use food. In a nutshell, if you can’t kill it, or pick it and eat it then,  its not that great. For more detail go here.

You have more control over your health than you think. I also know I relied heavily on Mark’s Daily Apple however he backs up his post with links to source material, so its easier to link to his posts.

Now are you going to take control?


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