Spread the Wealth, Spread the Morality; Two Sides Of The Same Statist Coin

Now anyone who has read this blog knows my stance on “Spreading the Wealth” aka Socialism. There’s another “Spreading the” philosophy that I also oppose. Its “Spreading the Morality” that is Social Conservatism, and wanna see it in action, look at Rick Santorum.

Now my problem with social conservatism is using the power of government to force others to live by your values.

General principles are:

Personally I’m pro-life, and I see abortion as murder, however my full thoughts are here on the subject.

Man playing God, hmm. On a government scale on any of those I oppose, so I would have to agree. Also as a Primal eater I prefer natural food, not lab food.

Now this is an easy one, unless you’re marrying kids or animals, I could care less who you marry. Just don’t tell me which consenting adult anyone can marry. It’s not anyone’s business.

  • Support the continued prohibition of recreational or medically non-beneficial drugs

You’re body is your property, like the money you earn, what you do with it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, is your business. Leave the house, you become a societal problem.

See above. Telling me what to do with my life is as bad as taking my money in taxes and using it as you see fit (Spread the Wealth). Except you’re taking my choice instead of my money. This is my problem with Social Conservatism.



7 thoughts on “Spread the Wealth, Spread the Morality; Two Sides Of The Same Statist Coin

  1. I say take it a step further, marriage is a religious act. To me the state controlling the definition of marriages and taxing it is an infringement on first amendment rights. Therefore the government should only be able to give out certificates of civil union, it’d give all the protections and liabilities of being married but would give up the pointlessness of the argument. Then a man and a woman, man and a man, woman and a woman, or even polygamist groups (though all must sign the same certificate, to protect them from being duped) equal rights with the rest of us. This takes the winds out of the sails of the arguments, and lets those in power quit hiding from the real issues, behind these issues that wont be conquered anytime soon…


  2. I think that would be the best route actually, then issues when the contract is to be severed would be ready in advanced, I realize that no one enters into union with the intention to disband, but just think of all the court time that would be freed up if everyone had legally binding escape strategies. Not to mention the arguments leading up to making the contract would keep more from entering into it heedlessly…


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