I Need Professional Help

Ha! You thought I meant a shrink didn’t  you?
Not happening. However, since I’m approaching the Test Day to see if I’m ready for the 44lb kettlebell I got to thinking. I need my technique checked out before I start playing with weights that size, especially if I’ll be doing Snatches. I really don’t want to fall over or bust a forearm.
So I hit the DragonDoor website to see if they had any certified instructors in Arkansas. Turns out they did, one was just little over 20 miles away. Brad Hamilton RKC. Now before we continue, that tag on the end of his name, RKC? Not just anyone can be an RKC. It takes buckets of sweat, blood and tears. You can find the requirements here. And they re-certify every two years. That’s how you can tell its legit and not fly-by-night training.
Anyway, I got there early and Brad was already waiting for me after I emailed him and he set up a consultation. Then he peppered me with questions, some pertinent, some just getting to know me. He’d checked this site even. Thorough.
My goals, whether I just want to look good or be strong? Strong.
What I wanted from him? Hone my technique.
My diet? Primal
Athletic history? None
How long had I been working with kettlebells? What was I doing now? Rite of Passage.
Favorite music? Does my wife workout? Etc.
Also traded kettlebell stories. Its nice to say “TGU” and have someone know what I’m talking about.
And if I had any questions. Yeah, which day should I come in? Heavy, light or medium? Light. So I set a time to have a private session next Wednesday at 9:00 and you guys will read about it on Thursday.
By the way his DragonDoor page is here.
His website, Life Warrior Fitness is here.
And since he’s opening a new facility these are his prices now:
  • Single private session 75$ or 12 sessions for 50$
  • Boot camp 12 month contract, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 5:45am, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening, and Saturdays at 9am.  $126.75/mo come as much as you want a week. All 6 if you can handle it.

If I had the disposable income I’d love to try it.

For now I’ll pick his brain for one or two sessions and continue on the ROP. Tell you how It went next week!

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