Ron Paul and the War of Ideas

Most people in the Mainstream think Ron Paul is a nut. And that he’ll never win the Presidency. And they’re right…on the last part. He won’t win the battle for the Presidency though his most ardent supporters believe it like the Gospel. And I admit, I hope he does, he certainly has my vote in May when the Primary happens in my state.

He isn’t winning the battle, but I believe he’s winning the war.

In the war of ideas the old guard is dying, literally. In an election it’s generally the elderly who vote. Or anyone over 35. Ron Paul has a large following of 20 something’s who taking his ideas of “radical” thoughts such as no government meddling, free markets and peace, will one day be voting in larger numbers. Before then younger generations make up for lack of turnout with enthusiasm and spreading the message.

Before Paul ran for President, who spoke of ending Centralized Banking and Corporatism? Who preached Austrian Economics and non-interventionism? Who fought for less government in all aspects of our lives?

See what I mean?

No one was talking about it. Now activist groups like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street are, and politicians are using them as talking points for getting elected.

So I will join Ron Paul and Libertarian-thinking individuals in the battle of ideas with the goal of a government small enough that the corporations and special interests can’t exploit it to rule over us.


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