Interview with Da Nekidgoat; One of The Howls Authors Gone Solo

One of the authors and the Poetry editor of Howls From The Wolfpack has released two more books on his own. Da Nekidgoat aka Richard Morgan, is a renegade poet who after almost 20 years in a mill lost his job when it shut down. So he went back to school and got 2 degrees in computers with a 4.0 GPA. He’s also one of the best poets I know. I had the opportunity to interview him about his first book, in depth on the second, and what’s in store for the future.

Ronin: What made you start writing?

Da Nekidgoat: A way to express my sense of humor. In the beginning I would always write a night before Christmas story involving my colleagues at work. They got a laugh out of it and I still continue that tradition today in the Wolfpack.

R: What inspired the Book of Goat and Reflections of a Nekid Mind?

DN: I wanted to tell people of my life and the events that molded the man that I am today, first it was a book of poetry like the Book of Goat, then my story in Reflections.
R:What did you hope to accomplish with Book of Goat?

DN: To show that you don’t have to follow the trends that make up the world today. That you don’t have to be popular to be happy. That if I can rise against adversity and be content, anybody can.

R: What about Reflections, what’s your goal for that?

DN: To provide some type of road map to being happy about yourself. To show that the goals that you accomplish are the ones that you set for yourself.

R: Reflections has an interesting format, biography and poetry, mostly in the beginning. Reminds me of when an old band performs they mix up tour stories and song histories. Why did you pick that format?

DN: Ah, the Goat unplugged. After the Book of Goat, I had some come up to me wanting to know the story behind the poem. 

R: A Runaway’s Tale was sad. Whatever happened to her?

DN: See it worked, now you want to know the story.
That was about a girl, I’ll call her Sky for now, that became pregnant at 16, then ran away from home 3 years later. Worked as a stripper in a run down redneck joint here in town. Two years later her kid got hit by a drunken driver. She called her dad to come home, he said no. The last I heard of her she had died from an overdose in Florida.

R: I particularly liked Don’t Tread On Me, glad to see it made it in. Didn’t you write a version of it with Bobby in it, or was that Bobby who wrote that?

DN: Now you’re testing an old goat’s memory. I honestly don’t remember if I did, or did not. I do remember that everybody rallied around Kitty, the girl in the poem. It caused me and Andrew to bury the hatchet to stand behind her. Up until then, Andrew was my arch nemesis but now we are good friends.

R: Did you write What If? as a memorial to your friends?

DN: Yes Gary and Lori were real close friends, it started as a memorial and ended with me questioning myself “What if” I had gotten there sooner to pick them up.

R: The Losing America section was really good. Your parody of the Creation with Wal-Mart was funny. Then you strayed from poetry to essays, a new territory for you. How was the new direction for you?

DN: I wouldn’t really call them essays but rather stories, wrote in a taking kind of style. I am not grammatically correct and here and there you’ll find me using slang. It’s just my style.

R: I liked WWJD? A good question for a lot of people. Your restraint at your mother’s funeral was amazing, I doubt I could’ve held back.

So far you’ve moved from autobiography, politics, spirituality/religion, mortality and healthcare. Why did you want to publish that?

DN: Because it shows who I am and how I came to my sometimes outrageous opinions. I hope others that can relate can find some advice and solace in my experiences.

R: Now on a lighter note, Twiztid Fairy Tales

Three little lambs was my favorite, but what was the intent in writing them?

DN: Just for the laugh and in some, a lesson to be learned.

R: Where did they come from?

DN: Traditional fairy tales mixed in with my twisted mind.

R: Weird Stuff got my attention. Ghost Hunters was good for an ironic laugh at the Satanist. The ending of The Radio and Black Hole made me laugh out loud at work. It seemed a little out of place in the book, why did you add that?

DN: To show the craziness of the supernatural side of me.

R: The Wolfpack section is my favorite, obviously. With the updated Night Before Christmas from Howls.

With 3 books under your belt, will there be a fourth?

DN: Oh yeah.

R: What can you tell us about it?

DN: The name of it is “Grits: Chicken Soup for the Southern Soul”
It’ll be about dealing with life. It will be written in metaphors and sayings, then an explanation of those sayings. Here is an example:

Grits in the Teeth

Opinions about you made by others are like getting grits stuck in your teeth. They can be frustrating or they can leave a little flavor for later. It’s up to you. Do you feel the opinion is honest, or was it out of jealously? It’s your decision on how you handle that opinion. Do you savor the opinion or do you brush your teeth? 

Don’t let the words,
of others get you down,
who cares when rumors,
get spread around?

It’s the weak ones,
who want to believe,
everything that’s said,
and everything they read.

Just don’t fall into the trap,
lies and rumors set for you,
don’t listen to their yap,
or get played like a fool.

They say they don’t like it?
Because you will not join in,
tell them they don’t know you,
or where you have been.

And if it really hurts you,
let them know you’re pissed,
and the next time it happens,
that it’ll end with your fist.

Opinions are like grits stuck in your teeth, if there are good, you savor them, if they are just annoying, you just brush them off, if they are really hurtful, then corrective action is needed.

How was that for my first ever interview? Both The Book of Goat and Reflections of a Nekid Mind are available at Amazon now. You should check them out along with Howls From The Wolfpack. 

Reflections of a Nekid Mind on Amazon

The Book of Goat: Verses and Curses on Amazon


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