I give my opinion…a lot. Today, I want to hear yours. 

What are your favorite subject I post about?

What’s your least favorite?

Why or why not?

Any questions generally?

Have you read the book I published and co-wrote Howls From The Wolfpack?

Did you like it?

Any questions about it?


Why or why not?

Thanks for those that take the time to answer. I’m a curious person and enjoy feedback.


2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Political views and commentary are my favorite. Haven’t been reading long enough to have a ‘least favorite’. No, I’ve not read the book because I just now figured out I could download a kindle app for my PC. Now that I know I can, I will download and read it. Wish I could order an actual copy but my book wish list always exceeds my book budget!


    • Thanks for the reply. It’s so hard to get people to give me feedback. And yeah, the book is kinda high. Cheapest I could sell it for was 9.80$ but the Kindle version I almost give away. Hoping that spurs sales, I think people can benefit from the book.

      Because its an election year, the politics will pick up, especially after the primaries.


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